Discover Your Power


We are using energy all day every day. Sometimes we are open and receptive to other people's energy, sometimes we are closed , we can tell which by how we are holding ourselves, an open posture shows we are comfortable and receptive to the other person, whereas, a closed, arms or legs crossed posture shows we are uncomfortable and closed to the other person's energy.

We can feel full of energy and then hear someone's sad story and the energy feels heavy.

Likewise our thoughts influence our energy, have you ever paid attention to how you feel physically after rehashing some old wounds, or after remembering an exciting time where you felt confident and strong.?

Join Arleah for a seven week exploration of the seven main energy centres, otherwise known as chakras. Each chakra governs different aspects of your life. Clearing blockages and stimulating strengths, will create changes within, that will overflow into changes all around you.


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